Import CA Certificate On Symbian Based Phones v2.0

This web page enables users with a Symbian-based smartphone (like the Nokia E50, E60, E61, E61i, E62, E65, E70, E71, E90 and the N-Series) to import CA certificates in a very easy manner. Due to a weird implementation in the certificate interface, it's very hard to easily add a third party (self-signed) CA certificate to the certificate store (even the Windows Mobile has an easier way of doing this).

The workaround you might find on the Internet suggests using a webserver. However not every one has a webserver available, therefor I created this small service. B.t.w., even Nokia suggests that you take this path.....

You can upload the certificate you want to import (in the binary DER format). After uploading you'll see a download URL. Just point the browser on your phone to the URL, and you'll be able to import it on your phone.

Upload Certificate

Upload your DER (Binary) encoded (CA) certificate using the following form:

NOTE: I made some changes on the webserver (e.g. did some auto-cleanup scripting), and I might have overlooked something. If things aren't working as they should you might want to leave a comment here.


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Suggestions, or comments can be entered here. This is also the place were (update) announcements for this service are being made.

The 'technique' used is explained here.

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